St. Martin's Day Musical Goose Dinner with the Party Pop Band.


St. Martin's Day Musical Goose Dinner and Goose Party at Veranda Bistro&More! As the saying goes, "Those who don't eat goose on St. Martin's Day will starve for the whole year". next year's abundance! And with dinner, you can taste delicious wines.



St. Martin's day traditions: Eat goose or starve all year round

Try the gourmet St. Martin's Day dishes, from Chef Ferenc's offer, and you can sip excellent wines with the dishes from Wednesday to Sunday at Veranda Bistro&More. And on Saturday, they could also take part in a special St. Martin's Day live music party, where the Party Pop Band provides a party atmosphere.

In addition to the offers of our a'la carte menu, we now also offer special goose and duck dishes on goose days.



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